How Coworking benefits Mental Health

4 ways that  coworking benefits mental health The link between how we work and our mental health has never been more evident than it is today.

Lessons from 2020 on Coworking

No one could possibly have predicted the changes that we would experience in the way that we work over the past 10 months.

Remote Working is Working

Last year, when I was investigating the possibility of opening a coworking space in my local area, I spoke to someone who said, “The 9-5 workday is dead”.

When Women Support Women

“When women support women incredible things happen.”

How Coworking can help you in 2020

Many of us will have spent some time over the last week or so making new year resolutions or setting goals

Meet Our Member: Declan Leung

We’re not actually sure when Declan got time to answer these questions in between running  four businesses…

Advantages of a Virtual Office

5 reasons why your small business could benefit from registering your address to a  virtual office.

Meet Our Member: Johanna Scullion

In this week’s hot seat is Johanna Scullion, who has her own HR consultancy business – HR Made Easy.

Why you’re more productive when coworking

“I can’t believe how much work I got through today!” This is by far and away the most common feedback that I get

Meet Our Member: Padraic Lynch

This week I spoke to Padraic, who is a lecturer in UX Design and Applied Innovation as well as director of The Wallpaper……..

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